Spirit of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, Book 16)

Spirit of the Mountain Man
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Free Story Podcast! Listen Now Smoke Jensen. Release Date: Aug 1, Approximate Running Time: 5 Hours.

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Nursing a bitter hatred for Smoke Jensen, the man responsible for landing them in Yuma Territorial Prison, Olin Buckner, Ralph Tinsdale and twisted archenemy Victor Spectre manage to escape and rally an army of gunslingers and cutthroats for the purpose of getting even. And their first act is to kidnap Sally, Smoke Jensen's wife.

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Nursing a bitter hatred for Smoke Jensen, the man responsible for landing him in jail, Ralph Tinsdale manages to escape and rally a posse for the purpose of. Spirit of the Mountain Man (The Last Mountain Man – Smoke Jensen Series). $ – $ SKU: LM16P Category: Last Mountain Man Book Series.

Receive 3 FREE points when you leave a review for this title. Smoke Jensen 4: Revenge of the Mountain Man. Smoke Jensen 2: Return of the Mountain Man. Smoke Jensen 5: Journey of the Mountain Man. Smoke Jensen 3: Trail of the Mountain Man. Smoke Jensen 7: War of the Mountain Man. He is a master trapper and tanner, pitted against the harsh realities of the seasons and the forests, who has honed his art to a level achieved by few before him.

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To watch him work is to glimpse a remnant of the past. Raised in the country outside Rockford, Illinois, Tom believes he was conditioned for a rugged lifestyle. He and his older brother exuded an innate passion for the outdoors.

The Mountain Men Documentary (1999)

They spent their childhood roaming free as often as possible, and trick-riding. Despite the dangerous nature of such a hobby, Tom survived and quickly developed a taste for living on the edge.

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By age 15, the young daredevil discovered a new outlet to sate his adrenaline fix: rodeo. By the early s, Tom had climbed the ranks of the International Rodeo Association and established himself as a champion rider. He thrived on the excitement of the sport and consistently made it to the finals, ranking in the top 10 time and again. At the age of 35, he found himself in the chute perched upon a massive bull called Woolly Bugger. He admits it is the closest he ever came to death inside a rodeo arena.

Nancy watched from the stands as he was tossed violently for two agonizing minutes until they were finally able to sever the ropes that bound him.

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Fate had something bleaker in store for the bull. While he returned to the chutes just a month after this brush with death, he never regained his former success. Just as the pitch and yaw of a bronc feeds the spirit of a young man yearning for thrills, the rise and a fall of a mountain feeds the soul of a man yearning for peace. The appeal of the Wild West beckoned, and they loaded all of their possessions into an old pickup truck. Interestingly, the truck they used to begin their life in Montana was bought with money earned from muskrat pelts, a small hint at the future that lay in store for the Oars.

But I just had a feeling that, by God, I can do it. I can get it done.