Soil ecology in sustainable agricultural systems

Ecological Principles for Agriculture
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Pre-registration closes in one week. Nationally, Washington ranks first in the production of apples, sweet cherries, and pears.

The industry is committed to sustainable agricultural practices and conservation of water resources. This position is an early career opportunity for someone interested in a career in Extension, research or the tree fruit industry. This position will focus on soil quality and irrigation research and extension.

The incumbent will perform a wide range of duties including field work, laboratory analysis, and organization of workshops and outreach activities. The incumbent will be responsible for managing and implementing fire blight, orchard floor management, soil quality and irrigation trials, and assisting in outreach efforts. Required duties include field work including implementation, maintenance and data collection in trials.

Other required activities include data entry, summary, statistical analysis, preparation of presentations and reports, workshop evaluation, and workshop marketing. Strong communication skills including written and verbal communication a must. Spanish language fluency highly desired to present and write outreach materials to Spanish language audiences. High level of capability in computer software spreadsheets, word processing and presentation and the ability to learn new software required.

Requirements include the ability to locate and purchase supplies, schedule and execute activities independently, and learn new procedures and protocols as required. Experimental and analytical skills, precision, reliability, understanding and knowledge of research theory, excellent organizational skills are required. Ability to work outdoors in all-weather required. Jaeyoung Han is a PhD student working with Dr.

Glen Hartman. They are interested in the occurrence of nematodes i n organic soybean fields in the state of Illinois.

Plant parasitic nematodes, especially soybean cyst nematode, damage soybean cultivation throughout the United States, while free-living nematodes are used as a measure of healthy soil. Sarah Brow n is a second year M. Her advisor is Dr. Dan Miller. Her research goal is to engage with farmers, researchers, and institutions to help inform decision-making and shape programs and policies to help support sustainable agricultural practices, particularly in the U. She is passionate about creating healthy food systems to improve both the lives of people and the environment.

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Email Pocket. Social media for sustainable agriculture jobs Posted on May 3, by michelle wander. Posted in Jobs , News Leave a comment. Posted in News Leave a comment. Timeline Competition announcement: January 23, Article submission due date: February 23, midnight Pacific Time.

Topics in sustainable agriculture

Articles will be submitted to Alice Formiga at eOrganic alice. This deadline is for the full article—not just the abstract! Notification: Authors successful and unsuccessful will be notified by the end of the day on February 28, Non-winning abstracts may be submitted to the ASHS abstract submission site by the author. Travel reimbursement request: Reimbursement requests must be submitted after the conference and by July 31, Presentations must be made in English, as no translation service will be available.

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Unsubscribe from this newsletter Share this:. Posted in Education , News Leave a comment. Posted in Jobs , News , Opportunities Leave a comment. Live Local Conference Posted on October 23, by michelle wander. Conduct fieldwork according to protocols. Trial set up and application including application of new fire blight sprays. Data collection including yield, tree growth, cover crop sampling, fire blight strike counts. Tractor work including cultivation, mowing, etc. Initiation of irrigation technology demonstrations including irrigation efficiency analysis and fruit quality indicators.

Conduct experiments independently per protocols and ensures quality control. Processing of soil samples. Enter and summarize data using computer spreadsheets and statistical software.

Outreach Communicate with growers and industry through phone calls, online database, email, and participation in local meetings. Organize, market, and evaluate educational events. Develop presentations, reports and educational materials which may include activities, videos, and manuals.

Earthworms for sustainable agriculture

Present technical information to grower audiences in Spanish. Organize grower educational events in Spanish. Project Management Statistical analysis. Evaluate research data and prepare research reports for granting agencies and stakeholders.

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Monitor and track budgets. Locate and purchase supplies. Schedule and execute activities independently. Completion of purchasing and travel paperwork.

Advanced knowledge in biological or physical science. Able to communicate clearly though both spoken and written communication. Experimental and analytical skills, precision, reliability, understanding and knowledge of research theory. Basic field work skills necessary. Mental Requirements Initiative: takes ownership of his or her work, does what is needed without being asked, follows through on tasks and commitments. Efficiency and Organization: Plans ahead, able to manage time and always thinking of better ways to do things.

Effects of Conventional and Organic Agricultural Techniques on Soil Ecology

Coachable: Receptive to feedback and willing to learn and embrace continuous improvement. Critical thinking and problem solving. Ability to work as part of a team and work independently. Physical Requirements This position requires significant outdoor work from March to September.