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It became one of the central texts of modern republicanism , and has often been argued to be a more comprehensive work to The Prince. Besides being a statesman and political scientist, Machiavelli also translated classical works, and was a playwright Clizia , Mandragola , a poet Sonetti , Canzoni , Ottave , Canti carnascialeschi , and a novelist Belfagor arcidiavolo. Della Lingua Italian for "Of the Language" , a dialogue about Italy's language is normally attributed to Machiavelli.

Machiavelli's literary executor, Giuliano de' Ricci, also reported having seen that Machiavelli, his grandfather, made a comedy in the style of Aristophanes which included living Florentines as characters, and to be titled Le Maschere. It has been suggested that due to such things as this and his style of writing to his superiors generally, there was very likely some animosity to Machiavelli even before the return of the Medici.

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Machiavelli (Founders of Modern Political and Social Thought) [Maurizio Viroli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents a. Founders of Modern Political and Social Thought present critical examinations of the work of major political philosophers and social theorists, ass. Machiavelli.

Christopher Marlowe 's play The Jew of Malta ca. It is a brilliant introduction to the people and events that gave us the word 'Machiavellian. Television dramas centering on the early Renaissance have also made use of Machiavelli to underscore his influence in early modern political philosophy. Machiavelli has been featured as a supporting character in The Tudors — , [] [] Borgia — and The Borgias — Machiavelli appears in the popular historical video games Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood , in which he is portrayed as a member of the secret society of Assassins.

A highly fictionalised version of Machiavelli appears in the BBC children's TV series Leonardo — , [] in which he is "Mac", a black streetwise hustler who is best friends with fellow teenagers Leonardo da Vinci , Mona Lisa , and Lorenzo di Medici. In the episode "Ewings Unite! Ewing wills his copy of The Prince to his adopted nephew Christopher Ewing , telling him to "use it, because being smart and sneaky is an unbeatable combination.

The character's personality and behaviour seem to portray Cesare Borgia rather than Machiavelli himself, suggesting that the writers may have confused the two. Together with his defence attorney Lucrezia Borgia Helen McCrory , he presents examples from history to the devil to support his political theories and appeal his sentence in Hell. The portrayal of Machiavelli draws from his later writings and observations of the chaotic events of his youth before rising from obscurity to be appointed as Second Chancellor of the Florentine Republic at the age of twenty-nine, only one month after Savonarola's execution.

The American rapper Tupac Shakur read Machiavelli while in prison and became greatly influenced by his work. Upon his release from prison, Tupac honored Machiavelli in by changing his own rap name from 2Pac to Makaveli. In the crime drama A Bronx Tale , local mob boss Sonny tells his young protege Calogero that while he was doing a year sentence in jail, he passed the time and stayed out of trouble by reading Machiavelli, whom he describes as "a famous writer from years ago"—and then tells him how Machiavelli's philosophy, including his famous advice about how it is preferable for a leader to be feared rather than loved if he cannot be both—have made him a successful mob boss.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Machiavelli disambiguation. Florence , Republic of Florence.

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Both made good confessions and received the Holy Viaticum. The Modern Scholar. Thoughts on Machiavelli.

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Xenophon is also an exception in this regard. One of the most important early works dedicated to criticism of Machiavelli, especially The Prince , was that of the Huguenot , Innocent Gentillet , whose work commonly referred to as Discourse against Machiavelli or Anti Machiavel was published in Geneva in Consequently, Machiavelli is led to conclude that fear is always preferable to affection in subjects, just as violence and deception are superior to legality in effectively controlling them. Political-military alliances continually changed, featuring condottieri mercenary leaders , who changed sides without warning, and the rise and fall of many short-lived governments. The Founding Father who perhaps most studied and valued Machiavelli as a political philosopher was John Adams , who profusely commented on the Italian's thought in his work, A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America.

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Niccolò Machiavelli (1469—1527)

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