A Lamp for My Feet and a Light for My Path

Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet and a Light unto My Path
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Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This. Psalm Psalm Psalm Psalm in all English translations. Bible Gateway Recommends. View more titles. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. Try it for 30 days FREE.

You must be logged in to view your newly purchased content. Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. After you log in your content will be available in your library. Viewing of. Cancel Save. Print Twitter Facebook Email. Click the button below to continue. The darkness is now overcoming the light. I start walking backwards, attempting to get off this path. Keep walking; I promise to never leave your side. Be confident; my Word will light your steps and ultimately lead your path.

What did my slightly dramatic movie scene about Psalm show me? I cannot be so focused on God lighting the path of my future that I neglect to let Him light the footsteps of my present. I must obediently shed light on what God wants to illuminate, not just what I want to highlight. What areas do I need to grow in? What opportunities present themselves to tell others about the Lord?

Who should I surround myself with now that will encourage and challenge me? Have I been focusing more on what others are doing around me instead of focusing on what God wants to do in and through me? Have I been neglecting my family or those closest to me in pursuit of my dreams, job advancement, or ministry opportunities?

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We can, instead, rest in knowing He will reveal things to us in His orchestrated time. When we trust the Lord and allow the lamp of His Word to guide our feet, He is faithful to provide light for our future path. Karen Harmon is a wife, homeschooling mother, and physical therapist. She is active in her church serving in worship, small groups, and media. You can connect with Karen on her website , Instagram , or Facebook. Leslie Kay August 30, at am. You took what was exactly in my mind and put it so beautifully into words.

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

Thank you for this! I'm going through a tough season, trying to understand the path that God has me on right now. I am trying hard to focus on just letting him guide me, but also being purposeful in my daily life. This is such a good reminder for me:. Jessica August 29, at pm. Karen, I relate to you so much. Thank you for your honesty and courage to share your movie clip.

My brain works in short films too :. Tambra Reber August 29, at pm. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. I have been struggling with purpose and place, feeling restless and needing Gods guidance and revelation, this is such a wonderful reminder.

Godl bless you. Pst Chika August 29, at am. Grateful for this and so timely.

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Recently I had began to really look inwards and appreciate the present, no matter how slow it seems. We so get focused on the future, running after it as if life depends on it. Whereas God wants us in tune with what He is doing now.

Everything…with all your heart…as if for the Lord

New International Version Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. New Living Translation Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

I am thankful to have read this article; it has brought direction into my walk with God; this is exciting! Love and Blessings :. Kayce August 28, at pm.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet

Thank you for sharing. It's just what I needed to here right where I'm at right now. Angela August 28, at am.

Intersection of Life and Faith

Linda August 28, at am. This is something I'm really struggling with at the moment Not wishing the present difficulties away Thank you for that! Lyn August 28, at am. Thank you Karen. Until visualizing your story I didn't recognize the meaning of the psalm. I just want to share how timely and valuable your story is.

Barbara August 28, at am. Gina August 28, at am. Thank you so much Karen.